10 Months of Classical Concerts You Won’t Want to Miss


Yes, many musicians are celebrating Beethoven’s 250th birthday this season, but there’s much more. (Even a viola festival!) NEW ENGLAND PHILHARMONIC Adroitly mixing music new, newish and old, this ensemble’s

A moving farewell in New England Philharmonic’s season finale


In his seven years as composer-in-residence with the New England Philharmonic, David Rakowski has written four symphonies and a violin concerto, works that in their own ways showcase his characteristic

A new look at Bruckner’s Third from the New England Philharmonic


There is a prevailing belief that final versions of works are the most authoritative. But when it comes to Bruckner’s Symphony No. 3, critical opinions vary as to which of

NEPhilharmonic marks Harbison’s 80th with a First Symphony revival


The tales of musical wunderkinds like Mozart and Mendelssohn are legion. But early success can sometimes cast shadows over composers who got a late start with large-scale works. Brahms was

Playing off patterns: Concert inspired by Folly Cove Designers Collection at Cape Ann Museum


When Danielle Maddon, concertmaster of the New England Philharmonic, first laid eyes on the block prints of Gloucester’s Folly Cove Designers, she heard music from the world’s most celebrated composers flow

Fall Arts Preview: Classical music picks


NEW ENGLAND PHILHARMONIC The reliably intrepid volunteer orchestra joins forces with the Commonwealth Chorale (formerly Newton Choral Society) for a run at Rachmaninoff’s choral symphony “The Bells” on a program

Cellist Zlatomir Fung wins Schoenfeld International String Competition


Young Concert Artists recently announced Cellist Zlatomir Fung as the winner of the Schoenfeld International String Competition through an official release. “Fung was also awarded the competition’s sole special performance

Copland House Names 2018 Cultivate Fellows


Copland House announces six Fellows selected to participate in CULTIVATE 2018, its acclaimed, annual emerging composers institute. The composers chosen areCarlos Bandera, 25 (Baltimore, MD); Ethan Braun, 30 (Tarzana, CA);

Meet John Kessen: French horn player and stage manager


When John Kessen isn’t playing the French horn, performing his stage manager duties, or serving on the board of directors for the NEP, you’ll find him running two of the

Meet Tammy Avery–Gibson: Principal Clarinet


NEP’s Principal Clarinet Tammy Avery-Gibson, a 12-year veteran of the orchestra, recently sat down with section mate Yhasmin Valenzuela to talk about music, motherhood, and how the show must go