Call for Scores

Since 1985, the New England Philharmonic (NEP) has been one of the only orchestras of its size in the country with a Composer-in-Residence program. NEP’s annual Call for Scores receives hundreds of submissions from contemporary composers from around the world. Works selected from these scores are presented at one of our season’s concerts, often for the first time locally or nationally.
These new works are presented in concert alongside pieces by established composers—including classics of the symphonic repertory—demonstrating that orchestral music is not a finished collection of museum pieces, but a living, evolving tradition. This approach has won the orchestra excellent reviews and worldwide recognition, including nine ASCAP Awards for Adventurous Programming and one of the first grants from the Aaron Copland Fund for New music.


Scores will be accepted from emerging composers who have not yet established widespread peer recognition. The processing fee ($35 for the first score; $30 for each additional score if you are submitting multiple works) must accompany each submission. The submitted score(s) should be no longer than 15-minutes.

Instrumentation may include up to the following:

  • 3 flutes (1 doubling piccolo)
  • 3 oboe (1 doubling English Horn)
  • 3 clarinet (1 doubling bass clarinet)
  • 3 bassoon (1 doubling contrabassoon)
  • 4 horns, 3 trumpets (3rd is bass trombone)
  • 3 trombones
  • 1 tuba
  • 1 timpanist
  • 3 percussion
  • harp
  • piano/celesta
  • strings

Concertos, vocal works, and works for only strings, woodwinds or brass are not eligible.

Application Deadline:

Our application process is now closed for the 2014-15 season.

How to Apply:

Please upload the following on the online application below:

  • Composer biography
  • Program notes, including the work’s performance history
  • Electronic score file in PDF format
  • Audio file of work in mp3, aiff, or wav format (if available)
  • Payment for the correct processing fee in US Dollars through PayPal. (The fee will be calculated as $30 for each score, plus a $5 handling fee.)