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Rodin’s Playlist @ Ellingwood Chapel
Jun 24 @ 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm

NEP Chamber Players String Quartet with narration

“Like a generous glass of wine, music provides inspiration, and l, Iike a
new Bacchus, harvest this wine which makes humanity drunk.”

Auguste Rodin invited musicians to perform in his studios while he sculpted, providing an indispensable element in his life that profoundly affected his creative process.

ln an homage to Rodin’s musical inspirations, this concert explores the music he cherished, including brief works by Gluck, Chopin and Handel. But special focus will be placed on examples from Beethoven’s
compositions, illustrating the originality and heart-on-sleeve artistic approach that Beethoven exemplified and that Rodin embraced. Correspondences and memoirs by prominent musicians of Rodin’s
time speak to this. Among them, Wanda Landowska and Helene von Hindenburg’s writings echo Rodin’s descriptions of Beethoven as, that fiery God” and “the Dionysus of Music.’

ln 1905 Rodin co-founded La Societe Beethoven in Paris to present Beethoven,s chamber music,
sonatas and string quartets in chronological order. The marriage of Classical-period structures with the Romantic era’s
imperatives of direct emotional expression and engagement, and the boundary-pushing by artists to accommodate this expansive
expression, are hallmarks of both Beethoven and Rodin.


For more information contact Jim Walsh 781-367-2007/

Presented as one of the Ellingwood Concerts series.